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Creating a Graph of Monthly production values


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This seems like a question I shouldn't have to ask, and I cannot even tell you how frustrated I am that I need to ask.. But, how do you create a table or a graph with 1 axis showing production and the other access showing either days or months? This is an extremally basic graph, and I can find every other graph on planet earth on here except this one.

PVsyst if your watching these posts at all please fix this. I am BEYOND frustrated with this. You NEED to make this more clear how to do this. It should be default to be honest, I have no idea why its not on the normal PVsyst report. 

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For a graph:

  1. Run simulation
  2. Go to detailed results
  3. Click hourly graphs
  4. Under time axis definition select monthly
  5. Under variables to be drawn, select energy injected to the grid (or whatever you want to see)
  6. Select bar chart or graph
  7. Specify units for energy (kWh, etc)
  8. Click graph
  9. To export to excel, click export values to clipboard

For a table:

  1. Run simulation
  2. Go to detailed results
  3. Select table
  4. Select Energy use and Users Needs
  5. On the right select Energy injected to the grid
  6. Define units of energy
  7. Press Table
  8. This can also be exported to excel
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