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PVSYST wont run


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I have recently updated to 6.1 and I cannot open the software and get this error message " Access violation at address 006877A2 in module PVSYST6.exe write of address 00000470"

I have uninstalled and re-installed but the problem is the same

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This error message is a generic one, issued by DELPHI in many situations.

This cannot help understanding the problem without further information.

If you report such a problem, please provide:

- A screencopy (full screen) of the error message

- The LOG files, that you can get from the main menu "Files" / "WorkSpace", button "Export Logs".

(or in versions 5: "Files" / "Export Log Files").

- The description of the situation when encountering the error, in which situation you are, what you are doing,

- Explain if the error comes systematically or just for some projects.

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Hi Andre,

I have been trying to model a Stand alone system with batteries and Sunpower modules. I am using batteries that I have defined myself. Once I start the system configuration and choose the batteries, everything goes fine till I begin to choose the modules. Access error messages show up like the one shown in the screen shot. Please help me understand how I can get round this problem. I am trying to model my stand alone system's performance.

Abhinav Gupta


Screen Shot of the error


Log Files

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Thank you for this detailed report of the problem, and the logs.

However this is an error that I can't understand from the LOG information.

Please tell me:

- Doest this problem arise at each of your tryings, or just once ?

- try to do the same with another battery model (from de database),

- Please send me the whole project, using "Files" / "Export projects/components" in the main menu, in order to ensure that all involved files are present.

My address: andre.mermoud@pvsyst.com

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