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"The model is not yet computed"


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Not 100% certain this is the correct place to post this.

I'm trying to use a relatively new module, and although it is included in the database it's giving me an error and wont let me proceed. "The model is not yet computed" is the error, I went ahead and tried to create a new .pan file for the module by importing from photon but it's still the same issue.

Module in question is the SPR_X21_345_COM from sunpower.

Not having much luck finding anymore information regarding this error - so any help would be appreciated.



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I am having a similar problem. I'm using the Sunpower X20-250 and the Sunpower X21-345 panels, however both are giving the message "Invalid PV module: please check its parameters." The Definition of a PV module for these panels gives the error, "The single cell mpp voltage is 0.59 V, (it should be between 0.45 and 0.57) Please check the number or cells in the series or the." At which point the error cuts off.

I have verified the data with the manufacturer. The X20-250 has a Vmpp of 42.8 with 72 cells which gives 0.59 Vmpp for a single cell. The X21-345 has a Vmpp of 57.3 with 96 cells which gives 0.60 Vmpp for a single cell.

Is it just not possible to model these panels in PVsyst?



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I have put limits on the cell's Vmp values, for avoiding erroneous inputs (due for example to an erroneous number of cells).

Now it seems that the recent Sunpower modules have very high Vmp voltage, much higher than all the modules I have registered up to now.

Therefore this limit should be increased.

It is defined in the Hidden parameters, topic "Modules", item "Max. Vmpp cell, Si-Crystalline".

I will update this value in the next version 6.12, but you can do that by yourself immediately.

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