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"Slide rows" button in Zone editing tool causes soft. to freeze


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Good morning,

I was testing the different functionalities of the "Zone editing" tool, and it seems that every time I try to use the "Slide rows" button, the software freezes and I have then no other option but to forcingly close the program and reopen it. I tried in different configurations, it has always the same effect. Is it only on my machine or a bug encountered by every one?

See the two screenshots below to understand the button I'm talking about.

Thanks for the help.




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Try to include the version you are using whenever posting on an issue. I have tested in 7.2.14 with no issues, whether automatic length on or off. The blue band that appears when you activate the slide tool stays on the screen however after I use it. When I close the zone menu it goes away, but when zone is active again, it comes back. Maybe a bug with the tool, as I have not encountered this in prior versions. You can still slide them by deactivating zone and using the standard crosshair tool. 

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I am using the latest version 7.2.14 on Windows 7 32bits

As soon as I click the "Slide rows" button, I can't do anything else, I can not click anywhere or ESC or cancel, the PVsyst program is just frozen.

See video here:


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It's really strange, I tried to reproduce the problem in 64 bit and 32 bit, but it works fine.

Looks like the application freezes as soon as it tries to display the blue overlay to move the rows.

Have you checked that your graphics card drivers are up to date? If you have several graphics cards, try to force the use of the second one with PVsyst: https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5035/~/run-with-graphics-processor-missing-from-context-menu%3A-change-in-process-of

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