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Inverter Efficiency comparison tool cannot be closed


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I have been playing a bit with the Measured Data section (directly accessible from the main welcome page). In there is the "Data tables and graphs" tool, to visualize our imported measured data. In there, after I select an imported custom file (e.g. "N13GlobH.DAM" file, avail. as demo), I can go to the "Graphs" and select the "Inverter efficiency" graph, which then opens a whole new tool. I assume this is the "Inverter modelisation analyser" referred to in this page of the Help:  Measured data > Checking the measured data files

Once there, I select a "Graph type": Efficiency plot with Inverter characteristics" which is great to see how my system is matching with the theoretical inverter efficiency curve. Now, the only issue is that, from there, I'm stuck. Once the graph is displayed, the program is stuck and I cannot close the window anymore...

Also, once I adjusted my inverter parameters to match the plot/data, how do I save the new/edited inverter from there?

See the snapshots below.

Thanks for your help in advance.



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I was just randomly checking this tool again when reading my notes, and it seems that with the new version of PVsyst (7.2.15), now I can't even select a type of inverter anymore within the Inverter Modelisation Analyzer (see above post).



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