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Batch mode resets parameter file


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Create baseline project / variant -> Set up batch mode -> Open CSV file & edit runs -> Run batch -> Decide to add different input values -> Edit CSV file -> Open batch mode -> Select existing CSV...

CSV file, which was several thousand lines, is now only a few hundred, and appears to be curtailed midway through a line.

If, on the other hand, I open batch mode -> Select existing CSV -> THEN edit the CSV before hitting Run, then it works.

This has caught me several times, as it seems fine but finishes early!

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I did not manage to reproduce the exact behavior described in the original post.

However, I ran into a case where my batch parameter file was reset to one single simulation line. This happened when the file was not closed in Excel and 'Select existing file' was used. When exiting the batch dialog a message comes up saying that the file is blocked. If then the file is closed and I proceed, the parameter file gets overwritten by a file with a single simulation, like if it was created for the first time.

We will review the code that handles the existing batch parameter files, and secure it against this type of data loss.

Thank you for reporting the issue!

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No worries. I suspect, but might be wrong (I've not tested properly), that it is related to having "Start from different VCi base files" selected (which I had enabled but didn't end up using (all set to the same value)).

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