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Importing Measured Meteo Data (Ginc/Tmod/WS)


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Hi there,

I am trying to compare actually measured production meter production data for an active 300kWp solar pv installation with PVsyst modeled data using meteo data recorded at the site. The met data at the site are limited to GPOA (Global at Plane of Array), Module Temperature (Temperature of Modules in Array), and wind speed at elevation of array.

Using the "Import ASCII meteo file" tool in PVsyst 5.66 and selecting GPOA, Tmod, and WS, I was able to create a +/- 30 day hourly climate file. The GPOA values and wind velocity values within this created hourly file coincide very well with the imported data set. The Array Temperature Data however do not appear to have imported to the created climate file.

I should probably also mention that in combination with this measured data import I used a "Site File" that included historic monthly GHI, Ambient Temperature, Diffuse and wind speed values.

I'd really appreciate feedback on if I am not importing actual measured Array Temperatures due to User Error, a Software bug, or limitations withing PVsyst.

Thank you for your thoughts in advance.

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I don't know.

To my knowing the Array temperature is imported correctly when using the option "Array temperature" in the format protocol.

Please send me the source file, the site file and your format *.MEF, and I will have a look on your import.

The meteo monthly data of the reference site don't interfere in any way with the reading of your hourly values.

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Hi Andre,

thank you for your offer to review the input files. Please find the .MEF file , the .SIT file and the data file (.CSV) file in the attached zip file. I also attached the project file, module and inverter file for your reference.

Thank you for your thoughts. Please let me know if you need anything else.




Reference files for Data Import question

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