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How can I use Solmetric "Suneye" data ?

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Solmetric "SunEye" provides an horizon line: this is a list of (Height/Azimuth) points.

You can easily import the SunEye data (file "ObstructionElevations.CSV") in PVsyst, option "Horizon", button "Read/Import".

Please be aware that the SunEye results are only useable for defining far shadings (i.e. an horizon line). Shading obstacles are considered as "far" when at a given time the full array may be considered shaded or not: the sun is or is not present on the array. As an order of magnitude, when the obstacle is at a distance of, say, 10 times the array size.

For near obstacles - which produce partial shades - you must use the "Near shadings" option, i.e. create a 3D representation of your PV field and its environmnet. The SunEye data are completely unuseable for this.

NB: Solmetrics had established a specific file for use in PVsyst. Please don't use this file, which was developed for verion 4 and is not satisfactory.

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