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The "comparisons" functionality is only available from the main PVsyst window, by clicking on the "Measured Data" tab


This feature allows you to compare the PVsyst simulation to the data measured on site : 

A demo project is available to take control of this tool "Grid N13 Motorway Domat/Ems power plant"


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Hello again,

So, I have been playing with the Comparisons tool for a bit, using the DEMO_N13_Motorway_Data.PRJ

After checking out the different comparison graphs, I tried out the "Elimination of Data" tool by giving some criteria limits. It works great (at first). You can see in the first snapshot below, the limit that I set up is plotted as a dotted line and the dots/values above this line are marked as eliminated. It works just as well with the next few criteria.

But the last one "Limits on ratio measured / simulated values" gives me some issues. Let's take an example: I give as Elimination criteria B a lower limit of 0.4 and an upper limit of 1.4 on the ratio (see 2nd snapshot) and apply. You can see the dotted lines appear (light green) to mark the limits, but I don't get any eliminated points/values, even though they're outside the limits, see the 3rd snapshot. I'm not sure if this is a display failure or if they don't get eliminated at all. Please advise.




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