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Inquiry about the formula of IArray


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I'm studying solar energy design

I want to know the formula of IArray

PV Module : JA Solar, JAM72-S10-405-PR
Control mod an the controller : Universal controller
Mod. in series : 1
Nb. strings 1
Tilt : 30
Azimuth : 0
Orient : Fixed Tilted Plane
The output hour data I printed is as follows.
GlobInc 106.08 kWh/m^2
GlobEff : 98.197 kWh/m^2
IArray : 0.9331 kAh
UArray : 41.142 V
EArrMPP : 38.4  kWh
EArUfix : 38.4 kWh
EArray : 38.4 kWh
T_Amb : 4.42 °C
TArray : 7.9508 °C
The EArrMPP calculation equation was known through the following calculation.
       EArrMPP = IArray * UArray 

How do I get an IArray?

Please Help me.

Output data.JPG

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There is no simple formula. The IArray is computed from the one-diode model, and modified according to some losses in the PV array.

The one-diode model is fully described in the Help  "Physical models used > Standard one-diode-model". This is a complex calculation that you cannot evaluate by hand.

NB: in your report of hourly values, several  units are not correct: I Array is in [A], no kAh, "Energies" (in fact average powers on one hour) are in [W], not kWh.


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