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Inquiry about the formula of E_Avail, E_load, E_user, I_user


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I'm studying solar energy design.

To verify these variables(E_Avail, E_load, E_user, I_user), I want to know the formula.

With the help of the two sites below, I calculated with the variables calculated by PVsyst,
but I can't calculate it because I don't understand the calculation process.
Could you tell me about the formula?

Reference sites:




Please Help




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This depends a little bit if you are in a Stand-alone system, or a grid-connected system with storage.

For a stand-alone system, these values are fully defined in the help  "Project design > Results > Simulation variables: Stand alone system". Except perhaps IUser = EUser / UBatt (the user  is supposed to be fed directly by the DC bus).

For a grid system with storage (self consumption mode),  this is explained in the help   "Project design > Grid-connected system definition > Grid systems with storage > Self consumption with storage".  Pay attention on a difference: here E_User is the user's needs, which are referenced as "E_oad" in the stand-alone system.


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