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SolarEdge AC capacity Calculation

Matt Y

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How does PVsyst calculate the total AC capacity when using SolarEdge inverters?

For example, I have (7) SolarEdge SE100KUS inverters, so I would expect the PVsyst report to show 700kWac, but the PVsyst report shows 699 kWac.

For stringing, 5 of the inverters have (3) strings of 34 modules (17 P960 optimizers) and the other 2 inverters have (6) strings of 36 modules (18 P960 optimizers).

While this is not that big a difference, I've noticed with other Pnom ratios that the PVsyst report AC capacity can be ~3-4 kWac off of the actual AC capacity. Is there a way to have the AC capacity show 33.3 kWac x the number of concerned inverters for the SE100KUS unit?

The Pnom PV / Pnom ratio I would expect to be 33.3 kW, but is slightly off. Does the inverter loading affect the modelled AC of each concerned inverter?

Thanks in advance.

SE string configuration.JPG

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The PNom of the SolarEdge inverters on the report is the result of a complex calculation (especially when you define several different strings), and may indeed lead to some errors.

In this particular case, the name of these inverters is SE100KUS, but these are assemblies of 3 inverters of 33.3 kW (nominal power). When you multiply by 3 * 8 you obtain 799.2 kW. This is quite normal.

By the way this value only concerns the report. It doesn't have any influence on the simulation results.

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