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Co-ordinates of points on surface created through "Import Ground Data (CSV)"


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Hello All,

I have created a ground surface using a CSV file that has the ground elevation data. However, the directional orientation of the surface seems to be reversed. Features that should point North are pointing South and the features that should point East are pointing West. I was wondering if there's a way to check the coordinate placement in the Near Shadings 3D construction interface. I have attached a screenshot of the coordinates that I am using. The format is XYZ, and these were obtained from an SRTM DEM projected in UTM in QGIS. The first two columns have the coordinates, the third column has the elevation.

PVSYST query.png

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Hi AJ,

As you mentioned, the ground CSV files are XYZ coordinates. PVsyst axes depends on the location of your site (northern or southern hemisphere):


You can find more details about the PVsyst reference system in our help: https://www.pvsyst.com/help/index.html?global_referential.htm.

You can easily rotate your ground by 180 ° after importing with the rotation tool: image.png.1ad1315adb7f4b536c2b60cb022b5968.png. Just select your ground in the right tree view, and rotate it.

You can also have fun modifying your XYZ coordinates from Excel.

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