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Auxiliary losses


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I have 20x inverters Sunny Central 1000CP XT. In the PVsyst inverter definition, it indicates 105W night consumption, and 0.60kW fans and auxiliaries consumption.

However, the SMA datasheet tells something a bit different:


Max. self-consumption (operation)* / self-consumption (night)         1950 W / < 100 W

* Self-consumption at rated operation

For the consumption at night, 100W vs 105W, this is quite similar.

But for the consumption during operation, from the max. consumption value at rated power from SMA, I understand that the consumption is proportional to the inverter output power. However, in the PVsyst inverter definition, we have a constant consumption 0.60kW.

  • So my first question is: why are there discrepancies between the datasheet and the inverter definition in PVsyst?

When I go to the Detailed Losses settings, at Auxiliaries, and I tick the conveniently placed "Default from inverter's definition" checkbox, I get 12.0kW filled at "Continuous aux. loss", which is logical because I have 20x inverters (20 x 0.6 = 12), however the night consumption stays empty.

  • Why is the night consumption not auto-filled as well, since the value is in the inverter definition?




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