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Unrealistic Production Yields


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I have been getting unrealistic readings for yield lately. I cannot find any values I changed that would cause that. An example

Location: Hamilton, OH Lat. 39.4, Long 84.6, Alt 181m, Albedo 0.20 (default). Modules: Forty LG 250 watt modules 10 kW rated capacity, Grid tie, South facing, fixed tilt of 35 deg, No shading. Inverter: Fronius IG Plus V 10.0-1-240 Inverter, 240V AC, 4 strings of 10

I get specific prod of 1367 kWh/kWp/year seems unrealistic, Energy of 13.67 MWh/year. It comes close to a PvWatts derate value of 0.88


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