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Conference PEARLPV 2022

Lazare Fesnien

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PVsyst was present at the PEARLPV conference in the Netherlands.

PEARLPV Overview :

PVsyst Presentation :

  • Overview of PVsyst capabilities to simulate different kind of PV systems.
  • Stress the possibility to export simulation results for deeper analysis.
  • Show tools for batch mode and comparison with measured data.
  • Present publications of model validation.
  • Mention plans to measure systems and do validations with the data
Outline :
  1. Introduction
  2. System type: Grid-connected / Standalone / Pumping
  3. System size: Residential / Commercial / Utility
  4. Ground-based systems (including trackers and topology)
  5. Bifacial Systems
  6. Self-consumption and storage
  7. Simulation details (detailed losses, energy management, ageing)
  8. Electrical shading losses
  9. multi-MPPT and power optimizer
  10. Simulation results and batch mode
  11. Comparison with measured data (including validation analysis)
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