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Adding More Countries to Meteo Data


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It is not necessary to find your country in the database list.

The meteonorm program (included in PVsyst) holds measured meteo data (10-30 years averages) for about 1'200 sites in the world, named "Stations". The "native" database of PVsyst is based on these 1'200 Meteonorm "stations".

But it allows also to get meteo data for any location on the earth, either by interpolation (between the 3 nearest stations) or on the basis of satellite data.

In the PVsyst "Geographical sites" option, you can choose any location on a google map (or by coordinates), and get meteo data for this location either from Meteonorm or from the NASA-SSE database.

Now you have tools in the software for easily importing data from many well-known irradiation databases (Meteonorm, Satellight, PVGIS, Nasa-SSE, Soda-Helioclim, Retscreen, TMY3 or SolarAnywhere(SUNY) in the US, EPW in Canada, etc). For this, please open "Databases" / "Import Meteo Data", and press F1 for more details, a description of each source and the procedure for importing them.

If you can obtain climate data from your Meteorological Service, or if you have your own measured data, you have also a general tool for importing data from almost any ASCII (text) file.

There are 3 companies which now distribute Satellite recent data for anywhere on the earth: these are SolarGIS, Helioclim-SoDa and 3Tiers. They avail of recent data in hourly values, but this is for pay.

If you ask them in the PVsyst standard format, you can also import these data into PVsyst using "Tools" / "Import Meteo data".

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