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merge surface csv with export pvcase

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Hi everyone,

im Manfredi from Sicily, i have a question for you, i will try to make a shadings simulation with PVsyst 7.2 for a project. But i tried to import a layout made with pvcase and a surface generated from a csv file and its don't match, both files are georeferenced. does anyone know how to fix. I am attaching an image that could be more explanatory.


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Hi Manfredi,

PVsyst always brings imports closer to the origin in order to avoid having too large {X, Y, Z} values ​​(thus avoiding rounding problems).

With the PVC file, you can disable this option at import time and change the translation offset to your liking:



However, for CSV file this is not possible. But you can easily calculate the offset by looking for the {X, Y, Z} values ​​closest to the origin from Excel. After that just move the ground object in PVsyst (or include this offset in the PVC translation offset during import).

Also, it is possible that there is a rotation of 180° on the azimuth depending on the chosen hemisphere. More detail about PVsyst coordinate system here: https://www.pvsyst.com/help/index.html?global_referential.htm

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