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Ohmic losses


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Hi folks

I hope to find the interest in my question

I am wondering if there is an error in PVsyst regarding the calculation of ohmic losses !!

I have a system of 111 KWp with an inverter of 100 KW Huawei. The system consists of 15 PV strings connected to MPPTs Huawei Inverter. The Inverter has 10 MPPTs, each MPPT has 2 inputs, which means that the strings will be attributed on MPPTs of the inverter and there is no parallel-connected strings.

Now my direct question is related to the Ohmic losses . In PVsyst there are just two options in the wiring layout:

1- Parallel strings

2- Groups of parallel strings

I am wondering How can I choose that every string is connected directly to the inverter (in my case I don't need a combiner box) without having a combiner box?

How can I choose a case that I have just PV strings are connected directly to MPPTs inverter without having combiner box, because the cable size would be 6 mm2 but PVsyst doesn't give me that option?


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