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Can I import Autocad or Sketchup drawings ?

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Unlike most 3D programs, the PVsyst shading 3D data are constructed using a very elaborated structure (the "native" data are elementary objects with their sizes and position/orientation, which are reconstructed and repositioned by the program at each execution). This structure is very difficult to reconstruct from not well-organized elementary data in an automatic way.

On the other hand, the shading calculation time in PVsyst is strongly dependent on the number of elementary surfaces defined in the scene. As in drawing software this is not a limitation, people create complex scenes with many realistic details, not relevant for the shading calculations. We have to find some algorithms for analysing and suppressing the useless elements. This is a complex task.

We are now on the way of developing the import of Sketchup drawings. This should be available within a few months.

But the import of Autocad *.DWG files is not possible in the present time. We are studying the possibility of importing some specific objects like terrain descriptions, or 2D roof layouts (chimneys, technical elements).

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