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Shading scene with fixed tables and E-W trackers


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I received a proposal from a client to have a complex scene with about half the panels arranged on fixed tables and half on fixed trackers.

Now, before everyone starts berating me on why on earth i would even contemplate such a thing i must give him the benefit of the doubt and evaluate his proposal, at least as a baseline for future simpler scenes.

Unfortunately, PVsyst flat-out let me know that "You cannot have fixed tables and tracking systems in the same scene".

Can anyone lead me in the right direction on how to model this scene, preferably as unit, (e.g. in one report)?

Thank you in advance.

PS. I am attaching my client's proposal for your reference

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Run both simulations separately, then add the energy in excel. You will need to recalculate things like capacity factor, yield, etc. based on the total plant size. For other parameters such as PR, POA, and the waterfall losses, you will need to use a weighted average to determine these.
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