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Unaccurate simulation results of Li-Ion battery


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I am using PVsyst 7.2 and 7.1

As the fact that the Li-ion battery has a life cycle of more than a lead-acid battery

I have designed the stand-alone system with a Li-Ion battery (Pylontech_US2000B ) at 80% DOD and at 50% DOD but in both cases, the lifetime of the battery is 5 years. Furthermore if used a Lead-acid battery i got results around 12 years.

How this problem can be solved?

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In the simulation, the lifetime is a mix of the "Static" lifetime and the ageing due to the number of cycles.

The ageing due to the cycling is probaby much higher with your Lead-acid battery than for the Li-ion (6000 cycles at 80% DOD)

But the Li-ion battery you have used is specified for a lifetime of 5 years in the database. Now it is extremely difficult to find datasheets for Li-Ion batteries, and still more difficult to find this information on these datasheets. However I finally found a value of 10 years for the static lifetime of this battery. You can modify this in your battery definition (page "Detailed Model parameters"). I will also update the database for a next version.

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