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Inverter derate location


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Hello, I'm reviewing a simulation at a location that will see some high temps and the inverters on site will derate due to the ambient temp. While looking through the Loss Diagram on the 8760 summary page I saw a section for temperature losses and decided to check the help section on PVsyst to find which temperature losses are encompassed in that section and PVsyst states that the temperature losses there are only in relation to the array and not the inverter. Is there a section in the loss diagram that shows the amount of losses expected from inverter temperature derate?
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Inverter losses due to temperature derating will be captured in Inverter Loss over Nominal Power if the OND file has defined a temperature derating curve. Verify that the OND file does and it matches the inverter spec sheet. PVsyst will not break these temperature related losses out separately, but with some work in excel, you could determine the hours and amount of clipping coming from temperature derates.
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