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Report shadings graph problem


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We had a problem with the Iso-shadings graph. Please see the image below.




I would think this occurs when the line would have to go over 90 degrees that is the display limit for this graph, and instead of just disappearing or changing the display, it drops down to 0.

On another note: please make possible to set defaults for all reports, maybe in advanced settings. Recently the output units started switching to GWh but for projects going on for some time, we would like to keep them at MWh units and so we have to change this back very time we output a report. This takes time because the report takes some time to update every time we change something and also makes it easier to make mistakes and output reports with different units.

Best regards

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Actually, it's weird. What is the version of PVsyst you're using? If possible, contact us by email at support@pvsyst.com with your project attached so we can take a look.

About your note: unit is editable in report settings, this setting is saved with the project and applies to all variants


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