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Tracker sizes automatically changing in the shading scene

Brian S

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When I create a a tracking layout in the shading scene construction I set the number of modules per tracker. In this instance, I had a mixture of 25 module trackers and 50 module trackers. I created the trackers by defining the sizes 'by modules' rather than by 'by sensitive areas'.

After closing the shading scene all was correct and I ran the simulation just fine. Opening it a few days later my shading scene was incorrect as the shading area was far lower than that specified in the model. I opened the shading scene to find that all my tracker sizes had halved. The 50 module trackers had reduced to 25 modules and the 25 module trackers to 12 modules. When I opened the table modifier the size definitions were specified as 'by sensitive areas'. This is not how I built the model and I didn't specify any of my modules by sensitive areas.

Has this happened to anyone else?


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