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Shading Simulation(table) Crash or acces violation


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Hello currently using PVsyst 6.0.8(still have 6.0.4 installed)W7 64bit.

And when i create a new scene after i run "table" either fast or sim the end result is the same ..i either get an acces violation code or the software crashes.In the past i have been able to elude this in the past by completly reconstructing the scene but with a recent project even that doesnt work..is there something i should or should not do in order to prevent this from hapening?

Thank You.

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Hello ive found the issue(why i was getting the crashes) its mainly due to use of polygonal PV fields..i replaced them with Rectangular ones and the crashes stoped occuring...there is another issue id like you to look into..Module layout is buggy when importing a modified Shading Scene. as it doesnt import correctly..unless i make a new project with a new scene(creating it again) i dont get corect PV planes(or missing some).
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