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Missing Optimizers


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Any advice on how to deal with simulations which require optimizers not available in the PVsyst database?

I currently need to run simulations with SolarEdge P1101 and M1600. PVsyst license is up to date at 7.2.8 and they are not in the database.

Is this a delay of manufacturers sending data to PVsyst, or of PVsyst not updating database? Since users cannot add or modify optimizers, it's very important that any commercially available units be added in a timely fashion.

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On 12/2/2021 at 1:16 AM, Lazare Fesnien said:


The optimizer's properties and operating conditions are very specific to each manufacturer.

We need a close collaboration with the manufacturer for implementing them in PVsyst.

An update of the database is in progress for the next version

Any progress on this?  It's been nearly a year, I have PVSYST up-to-date, but still no M1600 optimizer in the database.  At this point the project is built, so clearly the product is real and available.  It's problematic when we can't replicate built system architecture in the software.

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