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Supplement Shading Losses in Soiling Losses


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Hi All,

I am inquiring about the formulations for both soiling and shading. I was hoping to supplement some additional shading to my array by adding to the soiling loss. My question is will an increased soiling loss be used to compensate for additional shading (without building a shading scene)? Would a 1% increase in soiling provide the same results as a 1% increase in shading?

Any help is appreciated.

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On an hourly basis, no. Shading losses vary hourly and seasonally. Soiling cannot mimic this.

On a yearly basis, if you want to apply an additional n% loss, you can use a number of ways. Increasing soiling according to the season and doing a trial an error approach to achieve your target is one way. A higher additional loss in winter compared to summer would capture some of the seasonality.

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