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MPT Losses in 7.0


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I am currently modelling a site utilizing both monofacial and bifacial modules. Inverters are only powered by Mono or Bifacial modules, no mixing. Based on how PVsyst runs the 3D shading, a different variant is required for the monofacial and bifacial sections. As site has to be split into two separate simulations, MPT nominal power, Iron losses (NL loss), and Copper (resistive loss) loss at PNom need to be scaled down based on percentage of site power produced by each section. To avoid this scaling, I want to apply HV Transformer losses and Grid Limit post simulation (after EMVOhmL) in an excel file to determine E_Grid at the POI. Is there a formula used in PVsyst simulation that could be inserted into the excel file to apply the HV Transformer Data Sheet values from ohmic losses tab the same way that PVsyst would apply them in its simulation?


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