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Bug with switching from meteonorm to NASA-SSE (PVS 6.08)


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Hi There--

I am using PVS 6.08 with Win7/64.

When creating a new site, I take the following steps:

1. After selectring geographical data (LAT/LONG/ALT/TIME) I import the meteo data from NM6.1. I get certain meteo values (I'll call it SET#1)

2. I would like to compare it to the results using NASA-SSE, so I elect now to import the meteo data from NASA-SSE and overrite SET#1 with the data from NASA (I'll call NASA data SET#2).

3. If I now elect to overrite again the data from NASA by importing the data again from MN6.1, the values are not updated (I still have SET#2), but the header indicates that the data is from MN6.1.

soomething is very wrong with this...

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