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Heterogeneous field - issue


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During my work I've encounter with some issue.

I have a roof with two kinds of PV module (Hanwha 285W and 240) and also two kind of azimuth they are located on the roof. (see add picture)

My system is: 246 KW

5 inverters (Kaco 50KW - 3MPPT)

799 modules of Hanwha 285W - (664 of them have an azimuth -40 and 135 azimuth 0)

75 modules of Hanwha 240W (with azimuth -40)

How can set this system into one project using the 50KW inverters (KACO) ?

As I understood I have to insert 75 panels of 240 into separate MPPT of one of the inverters, but I cant make a field with one Inverter ant two kinds of modules.

Hope my question is clear :?




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