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Does BkGlobInc variable include Rear Side Shading loss?


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Thanks dtarin. I only recently learned that GlobBak is after shading (and IAM?).

Would it be possible to split out irradiance before / after losses are applied?

As far as I'm aware then there's currently not a rear-side parameter that corresponds to GlobInc. Having that would be very useful for performance monitoring & the like.

See also this post by jmallineni.

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Thanks! So just confirming - it is after shadings, but no other losses are taken out of GlobBak?

Would it be possible to add an "after losses" variable, something like GlobBakEff? And have GlobBak be the "before losses" rear irradiance, analogous to GlobInc. That seems more in line with how the front irradiance chain is handled.

In the meantime seems just adding BackShd to GlobBak gives you the before shadings irradiance. I think it'd be worth clarifying in the variables definition in the help that GlobBak is after shadings.


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