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Model N/S and E/W terrain at the same time?


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I have imported a 3D shading scene (.PVC file from PVCase) into a PVsyst simulation based on mono-facial c-Si modules and single-axis trackers.

If I model the large array as the field type "Tracking, horizontal axis N-S", can PVsyst model shading losses from both the E/W slope and the N/S slope? Or only one slope direction?

Thank you!

-Dan, USA


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Thanks for the quick response @dtarin.

Am I correct in the following thinking: if the N/S slope is consistent across the entire array, some N/S shading losses will be captured. But it will be a rough approximation of the N/S losses as a single slope angle is applied to all trackers. No undulation is captured.

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Hi, i have exported 3D shading scene from PVcase to PVsyst 7.2.6 and it worked well even if backtracking is kept active. I have different tracking tilts (following N-S slopes of the terrain) and different E-W slopes as well.

Do you think this may captured N-S and E-W slopes on the same time?


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