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Wrong system kind


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Hello, I have a problem with PVsyst regarding the 'system kind' shown in 'results overview' section and later on the report. To be specific PVsyst defines my system as a "Tables on a building" when in reality it's ground-mounted system. What factors are considered when defining a system kind and How can I change it ?

Screenshots of shading scene and results overview in attachments.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: The shading scene was created with Sketchup and imported to PVsyst


Shading scene


Results overview

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PVsyst automatically detects this. It does not seem that you can change it in the results overview (something PVsyst can maybe correct later). You can change what is displayed on the report under report options, however.


Thank you very much!

Just one more question, do you know maybe if the fact that PVsyst recognises system kind as tables on a building instead of ground-mounted impact the simulation results in anyway ? Or is it purely informative ?

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