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problem with setup Azimuth in tracker support structure „Horizontal N-S axis“


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Dear PVsyst Team,

Till version 7.2.4 I have problem with setup Azimuth in tracker support structure „Horizontal N-S axis“.

On card „Orientation“ I will choose „Horizontal N-S axis“ and set Axis Azimuth -25° (p.01)

On card „Near Shadings“ I will set Horizontal N-S axis and the Azimuth is set automatically. And after that I will set other parameters… (p.02)

I will click to card „TABLE“


PVsyst Didn’t show me error message.

But: If I set Azimuth by this way in spreadsheet “Shading factor table for the beam component“ are shown looses (I had set Backtracking). This was not happened in old version 7.2.3. If I set Azimuth thru menu EDIT --> Rotate these losses are not there. But I can’t make simulation as is shown below.

If I make simulation, result is: ERROR


On card “Orientation” is resetting set Azimuth. Why?


In old version 7.2.3. I was able to set Azimuth thru menu EDIT- -> Rotate… But now it shows error message.


Therefore, I’m not able to do simulation with Azimuth.

Could you please help me with that? Is it possible to go back to version 7.2.3.? Unfortunately, I already replaced in my PC old version by new one 7.2.4.

printscreens in the attachment


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