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Digital authentication of PAN/OND Files from Manufacturers and Testing Labs


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Dear PVsyst development team,

I want to suggest to implement a digital authentication feature of the used model files which verify source and authenticity.

At the moment PVsyst model files are easily modified by any user and those modifications are hard to detect.

In order to check the validity of the PAN/OND file, a carefull comparison between a provided measurement report and the data of the model file has to be performed.

The suggestion is that module manufacturers and accredited testing labs are provided with authentication codes with which they can sign their generated PAN/OND files.

The status of the model file will also be shown on the PVsyst report with a label. Any alteration of the model file will void that authentication and the label will not be shown.

This will greatly enhance the trust in the underlying data which currently is a huge factor of uncertainty.

I hope this suggestion finds you well.

Kind regards,

Christoph Kremin

Director Systems Engineering, CERO Generation

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