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Multiple MPPT Inverter Issues


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I am designing a 300kW PV system using upto 20 SMA STP inverters. When I enter the the inverters in the System page I find that PVsyst calculates the number of inverters to be be between about 0.6-1.6 depending on what number of MPPT's I select. No matter what I do I cant get it to accept that I need multiple STP inverters. However if I chose another inverter type such as a SMA SMC whihc has only a single MPPT it works fine. Is this a bug with multiple MPPT inverters or am I doing something wrong (is there some setting I need to change). If so what?
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I did find a work around. I just converted the STP to a single MPPT inverter. In fact during the process I found another bug, I tswapped to a newer STP 20000 from the older STP 17000, because according to the SMA website it has only a single MPPT, but in PVsyst it has it marked down as a 2 MPPT inverter. Unless I am mistakne this should be changed.
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I am using version 6.07.

I have added a couple of images to help clarify my problem. They show the basic array layout with south-east and north-west orientationsand also system sizing screen. I have tried hetro and single axis options. I accept it may be a user error but I have tried a number of options and the only thing that worked was converting the inverter to a single MPPT version

The STP 17000 inverter is 2 MPPT's but the new 20000 vesrions is just one MPPT.


Screen dump


Array Image

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