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Best Approach/Trick to setup Non Homogeneous Strings (different orientation in a single string)


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Hello All,

I am new to PVsyst and getting a little more familiarity with modeling and simulation.

Having searched the forum and reading Application notes, I've not had much luck and wanted to reach out to gain clarity.

The SolarEdge (SE100kUS) system has a string that is not homogenous. Where 11 mods/6 optimizers (P960) on a 190-degree azimuth are connected in the same string with 28 mods/14 optimizers that are on a 181-degree azimuth.

From what I can tell, a heterogeneous string is not possible, but I was wondering if anyone has an approach/trick that one could get as close as possible to model this system?

Thank you for the help in advance, much appreciated!

Kind Regards,


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I created a new orientation, which was a weighted average of the modules within the different azimuths, and then made a new sub-array with the specific modules in a string at the new orientation.

In the Near Shade Scene, I had to split up the existing arrays that encompassed the separate azimuths, removed the modules that are now a part of the new orientation, then added the modules at this new orientation within/around the existing arrays.

Strings with optimizers (2 x parallel) with an odd number of modules was also an issue, so I made a separate sub-array that with an optimizer (1 x series), and number of optimizers same as the number of modules.

Hope this helps.

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