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Bifacial modules in a 3D scene?


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In the present time only Bi-facial models for unlimited sheds or unlimited trackers are available. This means that the edges of the system are not taken into account, and the contributing ground is from the first shed bottom, and the last shed + pitch. Threrefore the model is not applicable to experiments on a single (or double) array for example.

You should define a system compatible with these hypothesis:

- Either in the "Orientation" dialog, you should choose "Unlimited sheds" or "Horizontal axis Unlimited trackers". These involve a generic analytic calculation of the mutual shadings. In this case you should not define a 3D shadings scene, as the shading effects would be accounted twice.

- Or in the 3D shading scene, you have to define "PV Tables as Sheds" or "Tracking PV planes". These objects define arrays. If you define several such objects, they should be identical (same orientation, pitch or table/trackers widths).

In this case you have to define "Fixed orientation" or "Tracking horizontal axis" in the "Orientation" part. And the bi-facial model will establish a dummy "Unlimited Sheds or Trackers" corresponding to these parameters.

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