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Issue with Importing Single Axis trackers from HELIOS 3D to PVSYST


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I have created a 3D layout on Helios. However, when I import the H2P file to PVsyst, each tracker is treated as an individual field which creates problems in PVsyst simulations having Backtracking enabled. I need it to Import a field of trackers and not convert individual tracker as a field. Am I doing something wrong or this is a PVsyst limitation?

Any help/suggestion would be highly appreciated.


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When you import PV fields from an external file (3DS, DAE, PVC or H2P), each field will be considered as an individual field. Currently, there is no way in PVsyst to group separate fields into arrays.

If you cannot enable backtracking, it may be because the tilt of the tracker axes is not the same, and PVsyst considers that you have multiple orientations. In this case, you can use the grouped modification tool to set the same orientation for all your trackers (select the trackers to edit then CTRL + G).


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