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Good morning,

I have PVsyst 5.68. I created a new location and added to the meteorological data from the PVGIS database, however, the program during the simulation considers the weather data NASA-SSE. I have tried several times to change the data, placing them in different ways, but when simulating the data entered are not consider and are considered only the data NASA-SEE.

How can I use the weather data of interest to me?


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When you import PVGIS data (monthly values), you are prompted for generating a synthetic hourly file. You are advised to do so as it is useful for the project.

When you are choosing the site of your project in the site database (in this case your PVGIS site), PVsyst will automatically associate an hourly file to your site if it finds one in the vicinity (nearer thatn 10 km) in the database.

Otherwise it will generate a synthetic houly file from the monthly values of your chosen site.

Now if PVsyst has chosen an hourly file that you don't want, it is always possible to choose another one the the hourly meteo database.

And if PVsyst has chosen an unwanted file in the vicinity and you want to create a synthetic file from your site, you have a button "Generate".

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