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PVSyst 7.2.2 won't open properly


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When I try and open PVsyst 7.2.2 it just displays a blank screen. It loads then flashes the blank screen, the blank screen then disappears. When I hover over the PVsyst icon on the taskbar it just shows the blank screen (photo attached), but when I click it it won't pop up. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting my computer.

Please help.


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Several PVsyst users have reported to us that their Antivirus program was preventing them from using PVsyst. You can verify this possibility either by configuring your Antivirus program to allow PVsyst to run or by temporarily disabling it.

Please note also that PVsyst 7.2 program is not installed at the same location than version 7.1 (to allow you to run v7.1 when v7.2 is installed). So you may have to complete your Antivirus configuration when updating to v7.2.

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