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Multiple years' conversion from one single file


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Hello, I have the following situation: I have a file .CSV which has the solar radiation and meteorological data from one location for 15 years (every 30 min). I understand well how to make the conversion for every single year (parting this file in 15 different .csv files - one for each year). HOWEVER, this action take me to long to do it, there is a way to make this conversion for 15 years and, later if I want to make the simulation I may choose the specific year?

Thank you

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Dear DavidFon,

In the actual version of PVsyst, you can transform your file into a PVsyst standard format to import multiple years of data. It is described in the help, there is also an example in the "Templates" folder in your workspace (if there are no files, go to the Workspace management and reload templates).

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