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PVSyst and Multiple angled roof and .....

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I am looking at buying PVsyst

But need to know if it deals with the following (otherwise its no good for me)

1. Micro Inverters (Like EnPhase) with different sading factrs on multiples of panels

2. More than 2 orientations and angles of roofs

Currently have a project with 6 roofs, of which i have lots of shade depending on the time of day due to the roofs and 4 different angles with 4 different orientations.....


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Yes PVsyst allows working with Micro inverters, and Enphase inverters are in the database.

You can define at most 2 different orientations in a same simulation.

However you can do a simulation for each subsystem, i.e. each orientation independently, including a shading analysis.

And then simply add the results for your complete system.

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