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OND file where are them???

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After installation of PVsyst 7.2 many components disappeared.

one of the most important is "SMA_highpower_SHP100_20_Peak3.ond"

How it is possible?!?!?

Have you this file to download?

There is a section where I can fine all OND and PAN file?

Question is urgent sinc eclient pretend the simulation with such component!

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Which "many components" ? In principle we never suppress any component from the database, as users may have defined them in their projects.

But sorry, we had to do an exception here.

SMA people were not satisfied at all when seeing our definitions of their inverters from datasheets in the PVsyst database.

They asked for retrieving them immediately.

Therefore please ask SMA for their OND files about these devices.

NB: You can always define an inverter from datasheets by yourself: you have a tutorial on Youtube for that:

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