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Solcast TMY integration in v7.2


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With the release of v7.2, it is now possible to retrieve Solcast TMY data directly from within PVsyst.

This source of meteo data provides P50 scenarios based on a satellite derived, high resolution (1x1km) dataset. It offers global coverage.

From the meteo data screen, the user can select 'Solcast TMY' as pictured:


A registration window will appear. If you do not have a Solcast API Toolkit account, simply add your email address (leave the API key field blank) and you will be registered for a free account.

Existing Solcast users should enter their Solcast API Toolkit email address and their API key (follow the provided link in the registration window to retrieve your API key).


All Solcast API Toolkit accounts automatically receive 'Free Tier' access, whic includes 2x TMY files per month. Paid options are available for more requests, with more information available on the Solcast website.

If you have any issues with your Solcast API Toolkit account, you can use the support@solcast.com">Solcast support email here

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