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I urgently need help with PVsyst! Uni dissertation submission in 5 days


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I genuinely need urgent help with getting this right as I have to submit my dissertation in 5 days and this the only thing that I have not done correctly but I have been trying to do it right for weeks.

No matter what I change on here that I always get something wrong in red letters.

I am trying to do a solar farm design with approximately 5254 solar panels. If someone can help me to get it right I would really appreciate it



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Dear omairahm,

The message in red is normal because your inverter has a very high power compared to the Total STC power of your PV array.

You have a 1665 Kwp PV array, so you must choose an inverter between 1200 and 1500 KWac



If I change one thing I get another wrong, now I got this:


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Check your PAN file. Your Vmp value does not seem correct, it is too high. For a 1500V system, you should be in the mid to high 20's for string length. You also want a higher DC/AC ratio, 1.2 to 1.3 good range. I suggest getting a new PAN file, or double checking the IV characteristics against the datasheet.



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