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Problem in the design


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I have problem in my design but I don't know what is exactly the problem , the system consists of 154 KW DC power (Longi 370W PV modules) with 3 Sunny Tripower core 1 inverters of 50 KW (total 150KW).

As shown in the error message " The array Voc at -27 is greater than the inverter absolute input voltage". the location of the design is located in Finland and in winter the temperature can reach until -30 , so I can't rise the temperature.

When I tried to decrease the the number of modules in series , the system gave me error message "8 inputs with 1 string and 10 inputs with 2 strings , Consider disabling use of multi-MPPT feature for ensuring power sharing on each input"

So , Can PVsyst team help me with any hint to solve the problem ?



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