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batch Simulation


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I am trying to do batch simulation for different tilts. when I am editing input file for different simulations:


Ident;Create hourly;Sheds;Simul;


;File name;[deg];;


SIM_1; Gurgaon_Project_VC0_HourlyRes_1.CSV;20.0;New simulation variant;

SIM_2; Gurgaon_Project_VC0_HourlyRes_2.CSV;22.0;New simulation variant;

SIM_3; Gurgaon_Project_VC0_HourlyRes_3.CSV;24.0;New simulation variant;

SIM_4; Gurgaon_Project_VC0_HourlyRes_4.CSV;26.0;New simulation variant;

SIM_5; Gurgaon_Project_VC0_HourlyRes_5.CSV;28.0;New simulation variant;


Not getting the results in output file.

am I missing something?

Please guide

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Once you're ready to simulate, click advanced simul. menu, select output file, check filename so that a 8760 file will be generated, press ok.

click batch simulation, check the box create hourly files, and create pdf report; verify your variable under test, and the output variables under results variables specification, press okay. run simulation.

8760 files will be in /UserHourly, PDF files will be in /UserData, BatchParams and BatchResults will be in /UserBatch



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