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Allow Upvoting of Topics and Label Topics as Resolved or Closed on PVsyst Forum


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I'm looking at the 24 pages of unanswered PVsyst Forum topics submitted by PVsyst's paying ($$) customers & users as of 2021-04-15.

It'd be neat if:

1. We (PVsyst users--perhaps specifically those w/ user accounts on the forum) could somehow upvote topics on the PVsyst Forum*, &

2. PVsyst clearly designates ticket status as Open, Resolved, or ultimately Closed (e.g., w/ labels aka tags).

*e.g., To show importance & help w/ prioritization (somehow need to limit repeat voting; perhaps tied to PVsyst Forum account? e.g., one vote per account per topic, so we can cast our votes while logged in...dunno)

Another option is to add work status tags: Approved, In Progress, Rejected, To-do, Under Review, etc.

I did a quick Google Search &, e.g., this list of status terms came up for Jira:



P.S. Updated "Issues" -> "Topics" as it looks like the PVsyst Forum uses the term "topics".

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